Religion Reporting

Are North American Muslims Ready for Female Imams?

While traditional Islamic jurists prohibit women from leading prayer, a small but growing movement is pushing traditional boundaries with a smattering of services led by women.

Published in the Winston-Salem Journal in North Carolina, the Naples Daily News in Florida, The Ledger in Lakeland, Florida, the Bonita Daily News in Bonita Springs, Florida and others.

One in a Million: Confronting the Shortage of Hispanic Catholic Clergy

Filling the pews, but few in the pulpit. For every 10,000 Hispanic Catholics there is only one Hispanic priest. And Hispanic bishops? They are literally one in a million.

Peace Like a River

Reflections on religion reporting from a monastery in upstate New York.

Under the Bodhi Tree

Tree shrines dot India’s landscape, encompassing nearly every religious tradition. But tree symbolism resonates in many other cultures too, speaking to universal themes of life.

On Tour With the Hugging Saint

Amma, India’s “Hugging Saint,” commands crowds of thousands wherever she goes. Her followers estimate she has hugged more than 26 million people worldwide over the last 36 years. I caught up with her tour in Mumbai to experience what her devotees call “darshan.”

The Stars of India

Traveling across India’s religious landscape, it is impossible not to notice the stars above your head, beneath your feet and before you eyes. Follow the stars in this slideshow.

Hindu Home Ideal Makes its Way West

Photos by Karla Bruning

Published in The San Francisco Chronicle

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